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Review of Cabramatta Creek Flood Study & Community Survey

Study Area

Liverpool City Council will review the Cabramatta Creek Flood Study to evaluate the performance of the regional flood detention basin strategy.

Over the past three decades, vast areas of land have been rezoned for residential and industrial development. This has seen new suburbs developed, a motorway constructed and other infrastructure built. All of these activities have the potential to exacerbate flooding in the lower catchment.

Council developed the Cabramatta Creek Basin Strategy comprising 21 regional flood detention basins across the catchment which was introduced to help reduce the adverse impacts of urbanisation in the Cabramatta Creek catchment.

To date, 19 basins have been constructed including three basins constructed by Transport NSW (TfNSW, formerly RTA) to help reduce the impacts from the M7 Motorway construction.

Community feedback is required as part of the Cabramatta Creek Flood study to help validate the flood model against historical flood catchment data and will assist in evaluation of the basin strategy.

Have your say

Council invites residents whose properties are within the catchment to provide feedback before Friday 16 April 2021 by completing:

  • an online survey
  • a questionnaire (Council has posted to residents in the catchment), and return using the provided reply paid envelope.

Who's Listening

If you have any questions regarding this study, please contact Wali Siripala from Liverpool City Council on 1300 36 2170 or email: