Live Council Meetings Webcast

Liverpool Councillors standing together in a studio setting

Participate in Council Meetings

Liverpool City Council is proud to offer a live webcast of Council meetings held in the Council Chambers.

Watch a Live Webcast

Council meetings are open to the general public and all residents are invited to attend. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you can watch a live broadcast while the meeting is in session.

To watch the Live Stream Council Meeting click here. (NOTE: the video will only stream if a Council meeting is in session).

To watch previous Council meetings, click here.

Attend a Council Meeting

Liverpool City Council holds regular Council meetings on Wednesday night at 6pm (unless otherwise stated). Check the meetings schedule here.

Francis Greenway Centre,
170 George Street,
Liverpool, NSW 2170

Who's listening

Community Development and Planning Team Liverpool City Council
Phone 1300 36 2170

What are the system requirements to watch a webcast?

These are the necessary hardware and software specifications that your computer must have in order to view Council's webcast.

  • An internet connection with an ADSL1 or greater bandwidth speeds
  • PC computers running Windows XP (or later) and using the latest web browser version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • Apple Macintosh computers running OSX 10.5 (or later) and using the latest web browser version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed - the software can be found.

Liverpool City Council accepts no liability for any defamatory remarks that are made during the course of a meeting. The quality of the webcast will depend on your PC's memory and internet connection bandwidth.

Can the webcast be viewed on phones and tablets?

The live webcast can be viewed on mobile devices running iOS or Android operating systems.

The video quality of the webcast will depend greatly on the speed/strength of your Wi-Fi or mobile 3G/4G connection.

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